Monday, May 18, 2009

Passion Pit LP

Passion Pit's debut LP "Manners" is being released tomorrow. I got my first listen last week and it was everything their myspace has said it was: "Big Beat / Soul / Pop". I'm not sure there has been a band's name I've heard more lately without every actually hearing a single track. I was one of the few that their attention garnering, critically praised EP "Chunk of Change" sort of skipped over. I heard a little bit of Sleepyhead and mistakenly shook it off. Passion Pit, however, just seemed to keep rolling.

The band's story, for those who haven't heard, is classic boy-meets-girl, boy-makes-album-for-girl, boy-suddenly-gets-record-deal. Michael Angelakos, the creator of this project, wrote the first 6 songs for his girlfriend for a Valentine's gift and next thing you know we had an energy engulfed synth pop album named "Manners" dropping the same day as Eminem's new album. I let this album sink in for a week before writing about it, particularly since I discounted Sleepyhead so quickly, and that time was simply fun. It's absolutely worth checking out if you like dance pop music. I can promise at least a couple of tracks (if not the entire thing) get you moving at your desk at work. After the first couple of listens all I wanted was to see what they can do live and I'll get my chance as they are holding down a slot on the Sunday of ACL.