Monday, May 18, 2009

TV on the Recap

Austin got a visit from a pretty massive rainstorm on Saturday, so for most of the day I wasn't sure if the TV on the Radio show was going to happen at all. Luckily the rain let up right about five o'clock and the sold-out show went on as planned.

The opener was a pretty cool band from Sweden called Little Dragon, who mostly stuck to danceable, synth-heavy pop songs. They were already in the middle of their set by the time we got to Stubb's, but I liked what I heard and the crowd was really getting into it. (Allmusic gave their debut album 4.5 stars)

TV on the Radio was great, as expected, but the show was slightly less incredible than the last time they were in Austin. There was nothing wrong with their performance, I just think it was the generally poor sound quality more than anything else.

There were certain parts of the stage that you couldn't even hear, (mind you I had the best seat in the house on the balcony,) and all of the other instruments kind of blurred together. The review on Austin360 focused on the sound issue as well. It seemed like they had most of the problems worked out for the encore, because "Family Tree" and "Staring at the Sun" both sounded great.

These photos are supplied by Ed Lehmann, and you can see more from this show (including Little Dragon) at