Thursday, May 14, 2009

Various Artists

Deerhunter's new five-song EP "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" will arrive digitally on May 18 (in stores June 8) and features some of their most accessible tunes yet. Entertainment Weekly has the inside scoop, along with a little history behind each song from frontman Bradford Cox. On "Circulation":
"Moses [Archuleta], our drummer, wrote that song, and he's never written a song before. We had our friend make this weird video collage that we took the audio from for the outro. It sounds like a Magazine song or something."
Deerhunter has been added to the lineup for All Tomorrow’s Parties New York 2009, along with Caribou, The Flaming Lips, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, and a bunch more. Check the Deerhunter blog for a new micromix and Virtual 7'' from Atlas Sound.

It's been four years since the last Eels album, and in that time the band created a new concept album all about desire. Here's a bit of info found at their official website:
"Hombre Lobo features twelve songs from the point of view of a hirsute man enraptured by the beauty of his muse, and frustrated by his desires. Sometimes our anti-hero is melancholic, wishing only for a look his way, other times his instincts overtake him with bloodcurdling howls, and sometimes he can only celebrate the infinite beauty he desires."
As he sings in the song "My Timing Is Off":
Believe it or not
We Don't have a choice in matters of the heart
Just gotta be brave enough
To love and let yourself be loved

Here's a groovy new Black Lips single from the Sub Pop Singles Club 3.0. I think I like "Disconnection" more than anything on their newest album, 200 Million Thousand.

Here's some Krautrock-n-roll from the London-based duo Higamos Hogamos, already infamous for their former incarnations as Black Neon, Squire Of Somerton and Fort Lauderdale. I'm told this is a band that creates "the unholy union of analogue synthesizers and the sexual exuberance of 70’s rock n’ roll...that somehow naturally fits into the weirdest end of the English psychedelic tradition."

Austin hard rockers Lions recently supplied a cover of Dylan's "Girl from the North Country" for the FX series Sons of Anarchy. Later this month they will begin recording the follow-up to "No Generation" before touring coast to coast this summer. They'll have a tour kick-off show at Emo's on June 12th with Ume.
Fun facts:
"The song was written following his first trip to England in December, 1962, upon what he thought to be the completion of his second album. The song is a tribute to a former girlfriend, Echo Helstrom who Dylan knew before leaving for New York. Dylan left England for Italy to search for his then-girlfriend, Suze Rotolo, whose continuation of studies there had caused a serious rift in their relationship.

Unbeknownst to Dylan, Rotolo had already returned to the United States, leaving about the same time that Dylan arrived in Italy. It was here that he finished the song, ostensibly inspired by the apparent end of his relationship with Rotolo. Upon his return to New York in mid-January, he convinced Rotolo to get back together, and to move back into his apartment on 4th Street. Suze Rotolo is the woman featured on the album cover, walking arm in arm with Dylan down Jones Street, not far from their apartment."


corinna said...

LOVE that Black Lips tune. Thanks for the share.

Mr. Curiosity said...

For sure. Glad you dig it.

Anonymous said...

black lips tune is very good
better than any tune on good bad not evil
but better than 200 million thousand?
come on;N)