Monday, May 11, 2009

Wooden Shjips own my ears

I'm pretty hooked on Wooden Shjips right about now. They come from California, and they jam like its the last day of 1969. I put their self-titled album on my list of "dark horses" from 2007, but I don't see their new album falling anywhere outside of my Top 10 for 2009. I talked about "Dos" over a month ago and still haven't been able to stop spinning it.

Psychedelic to the core, Dos is chock full of delicious drones and groovy organ loops that seem like they could jam into eternity. "Aquarian Time" is the one song I keep going back to, where "a steady plink of keys blipping like bright satellites in dark space accents blissed-out sludge."
Dos certainly isn't an album for everyone, as this review says it's "a kind of blues that's got three chords but only really bothers with the first, a maddening, seductive LP subscribing to a view of rock as a sort of esoteric cult of transcendence decipherable only by the privileged few." If you're into it, check out their live stuff, the Neil Young cover, and pick up their records at Holy Mountain.