Monday, June 01, 2009

Cave - Psychic Psummer

Cave is five dudes from Chicago whose unique sound falls somewhere near the spectrum of psychedelic Krautrock. I was on the road for about 16 hours over the weekend, and their new album Psychic Psummer made a great travel companion. This also turned out to be a well-timed discovery, because I see that Cave will be playing in Austin at Beerland this Wednesday.

Cave is a mostly improvisational band who can easily go on a 30-minute-long jam session, but on Psychic Psummer they instead keep everything in a well-defined structure and throw in some variation to keep the repetition at a minimum. The punk-inspired "Made in the Malaysia" sounds nothing like the playful groove of "Machines and Muscles," which both differ from the post-punk/post-rock temperament of "Requiem for John Sex."

Somehow these varied influences all work together seamlessly, and with good results. Fans of Wooden Shjips should definitely pay attention. You can find out more about Psychic Psummer at Important Records, read reviews at Pitchfork and Brainwashed, and find an interview on L.A. Record.


JR Heat Warp said...

This is fantastic stuff. Time for a trip to Waterloo. Thanks for the heads up!

Mr. Curiosity said...

My pleasure!