Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Covert Concert Picks

Here are our picks for live music in Austin this week, along with a few tunes to get you in the mood. Use the links to get more information about everything.



Clues was created by former members of The Unicorns and Arcade Fire. We have talked about this band a couple of times already, (here and here), and I'm told they put on a good live show. I also hear that The Independent is a pretty cool venue. If you want to check out this show for free, the first person to send me their name will be placed on the guest list.

I think you have to experience Holy Fuck live to really "get it." Woven Bones is opening. I told you about them a few weeks ago. This show is highly recommended. Tickets are here.




natasha said...

Hi, i'm from Little Joy Brasil Blog, and i was reading your blog and i you was talking about the Little Joy concert in Austin, i would like if you could send me something about the show, picture or just a little text.
my email is: natasinha@hotmail.com
and the blog: http://littlejoybr.blogspot.com/

Thanks, Natasha

Mr. Curiosity said...

I was unfortunately detained, so I know few details. Coldplay was there, I do know that. Here's some links:



Aaron Robert Hall said...

So many great shows and such little time for them all. I am super stoked to catch UME and Lions on Friday. Both bands rock amazingly hard and I am pumped to participate.

Aaron Robert Hall said...

First off, I wanted to thank Covert Curiosity for hooking me up with a spot on the guest list for the Clues show last night. It was much appreciated and I had a great time.

The Clues show was being hosted by the new music venue/film studio The independent. It was my first time checking this place out so I was curious to see what was going on inside. Approaching the entrance, I was greeted by three door guys that were very anxious to make a good impression it seemed. It felt a little weird but that soon passed. Walking into the very large main area I was instantly pleased by the openness, very high ceilings, grayed out paint job, and aqua blue lighting. There was no seating so there were many groups of people sitting around on the floor. Over all, I felt very comfortable there.

The first band was called Jerusalem In My Heart. The two men played a very interesting style of middle eastern music which was very emotional, raw, and strong. I really enjoyed their first song which was simply one man with an old style flute and the other with a small keyboard/vocoder both sporting trippy effects. Each of them took turns singing in semi traditional Arabic styles making this a nice little treat from the norm around hear. I was anticipating what they were going to pull out next, and well, there was nothing next. They only played one song, left the stage, and the house music chimed back in. I was thoroughly confused to the point that I was convinced this must be some kind of sweet extra before the opening act started. That was not the case. They really only played one song to my disappointment. Here is a link that helped me understand what was going on. http://www.montrealmirror.com/2008/102308/music2.html

After the set/song break, Clues took the stage. They started off with three really long slow songs and I grew skeptical of the evenings outcome. Fortunately those were the last really slow songs of the night. The band proceeded to roll out a packed set of songs that were on fire forcing the timid crowd to move , bob, and sway. I have never seen a show quite like this one before, it was an evening of musical chairs on stage. After each song, at least two to all of the members swapped instruments with each other and continued to rock out. This was too cool, I was extremely impressed and very entertained by the whole groups music abilities and showmanship. They had a great encore song and overall, I feel they put on an excellent show. Hopefully we can get those Canadians down here again in the future. I would definitely go support them a second time around.

@Mr. Curiosity Thanks again for the tickets. I even got a couple complements on my hand made shit and a couple pictures from a photo journalist that night. Raddness!