Monday, June 29, 2009

Deer Tick

John McCauley recorded Deer Tick's debut War Elephant at age 19, performing every instrument on the album. But his vision from the start was for Deer Tick to be a real band, so by the time the second full-length album (which is great) was released (last week) the band had developed into a quartet featuring two guitars, bass and drums - with three members singing and writing.

The result is an album full of rambling country-rock with "desperate lyrics delivered straight from the bottom of the bottle." McCauley's raspy voice layers everything in a warm blanket of authenticity, even when it's just being used to cover the old standard "Goodnight Irene" (hidden track) complete with beer can sound effects. If you're in the market for a little tailgate-down twang with Hank Williams-warped sensibilities, lend your ears to Born On Flag Day.

Deer Tick was just on Daytrotter a few days ago with an unreleased song and a cover of The Boss. Also, they will be playing in Austin at Emo's with Dawes on Thursday, July 9th.


pasta said...

and as a strange added note, they were the first band interviewed by nbc anchorman Brian Williams for his Britunes online segment