Friday, June 12, 2009

Holy Fuck - Photo Recap

A lot of people left the Mohawk wet last night. Half of them were doused by a massive, unexpected storm that blew in right as the doors were opening, and the other half became soaked in sweat and beer during a hot mess of a set by Holy Fuck.

The show got moved inside because of the weather, but plenty of people ignored the tornado warnings and crammed shoulder-to-shoulder to watch Holy Fuck do their live-electronic-jam thing on the inside stage.

They tell me their new album is just about finished, so expect an announcement in the coming months. Check out a recent article in Dummy Mag to find out more.

All photos by Ed Lehmann. Go to to see more.


e static said...

any word on the Crocodiles portion for us that did not brave the storm?

Mr. Curiosity said...

No word, sorry. All I saw was HF.