Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mos Def - The Ecstatic

I'm not sure why, but for some reason there hasn't been much of a fuss around this new Mos Def album. It's a great album and has garnered some pretty good reviews, Pitchfork gave it an 8.0 and labeled it "Best New Music." It's even being released in t-shirt format. Maybe it's because he's more of a movie star than a rapper now? I'm really not sure.

This album isn't the best Mos Def album by any stretch but with good hip-hop becoming harder and harder to find these days, it's about as good as we're going to get.  I won't tell you every song on here is great, but there sure are a lot of good ones. And for what it's worth, he'll be playing Austin City Limits so maybe that'll entice some more peeps in Austin to check out The Ecstatic.