Monday, June 15, 2009

New White Denim

White Denim's highy-anticipated new album 'Fits' will be available on June 22nd through Full Time Hobby. They have released the single "Mirrored And Reverse" for download, cut the video above for "I Start To Run", and you can hear streaming clips of the rest of the album right now at NME.

The label says: "From thunderous prog and psyche to tender blue eyed soul, ‘Fits’ is packed with instantly memorable songs." White Denim will be celebrating the release with a lengthy tour of the UK. Hit up their myspace page for tour dates and pre-order links for the album.

Track List:
  1. Radio Milk How Can You Stand It
  2. All Consolation
  3. Say What You Want
  4. El Hard Attack DCWYW
  5. I Start To Run
  6. Sex Prayer
  7. Mirrored And Reverse
  8. Paint Yourself
  9. I’d Have It Just The Way We Were
  10. Everybody Somebody
  11. Regina Holding Hands
  12. Syncn


Aaron Robert Hall said...

I'm a little bummed that you cant get the pre-order's for White Denim's new album and merch in Austin or the US for that matter. Someone sign these guys here already. The UK based online store Full Time Hobby states that "The LP comes on heavyweight vinyl and the t-shirt is exclusive to this pre-order". Does this mean that the new shirts cannot be purchased here in the states, and what does this mean for an album release here as well. An employee at Waterloo Records said that they will most likely carry the release after the 22nd due to already carrying their previous albums, but had no clear details on the matter. I am hoping that their album and merch will be available for purchase here in the states before their return from Europe in mid July. At $37.50 for an LP / t shirt bundle pre-order, I think I just might wait and catch their return show and hope that they still have one of those sweet shirts floating around in one of their boxes for me.

Travis said...

I love the denim, but this video is no good. They can do better than that

Mr. Curiosity said...

I think the video is good. But that's just like my opinion, man.

Travis said...

Are there videos done by there european/uk record label?

Mr. Curiosity said...

Their previous ones were produced locally, but this one very well may have been done by FTH.