Thursday, June 11, 2009

Santigold at Stubb's

Santigold, formally Santogold (real name Santi White) will be playing in Austin at Stubb's, Monday, June 15. The Brooklyn-based rapper changed her name as a result of infomercial jeweler Santo Gold threatening legal action. Her debut release Santogold features notable singles “Creator,” “Lights Out,” and hipster favorite “L.E.S. Artistes.” Often compared to Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A., White has collaborated with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Julian Casablancas and has pending projects with David Byrne and the Beastie Boys.

Her 35 song mixtape “Top Ranking,” produced by Diplo features 12 original tracks and is almost too cool for school with its hefty variety of dubstep, indie, new wave, rock, R&B, hip hop and electro tracks. With a crazy wardrobe, lively backup dancers, and hot beats Santigold’s show will undeniably be a highly energetic and all around good time. Also on the bill are fellow female rapper Amanda Blank, and Andrew Trouble, White’s pro-snowboarder fiancĂ©e.

We’ll be giving away a pair of tickets for the Santigold show via Twitter, so follow us for a chance to win!
from Top Ranking:


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