Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Think Indie

With Think Indie, a new digital download service dedicated to independent music, you can now support your local record store in the digital realm. From Austin, Waterloo Records and End of an Ear are both on board.

Think Indie's 300,000 song catalog comes entirely from indie labels featuring small, often unsigned artists. The tracks come in high quality 320kbps mp3, and album downloads are generally $9.99. They also promise a unique catalogue of exclusive releases, freebies, and live shows from a variety of artists.

You can search by label, genre, and artist, preview songs, see hand-picked releases, all that stuff. The Free Downloads section looks pretty good too.

Here are two songs from Thee Oh Sees, who just so happen to have a couple of albums available on Think Indie.


Aaron Robert Hall said...

That is a great little site. I really enjoy the concept and think that they have a chance in the music sales arena. This is a niche product that can fill a void of connectivity between the end consumer/fan and a vessel that's worth supporting which carry's the products we want. I hope to see this concept grow into a viable alternative to itunes or emusic. There is still room for a different service just as long as they do it right.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Well said.

harold hollingsworth said...

love Thee Oh Sees, nicely placed and now am a fan!