Friday, July 24, 2009

Crocodiles - Summer Of Hate

AV Club:

"Taking their name from Echo & The Bunnymen’s debut, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell employ an equally indebted pop template, cribbing shades and poses from The Jesus And Mary Chain in equal measure. But it isn’t just a genre study. The heat-seeking “I Wanna Kill,” though something of a sonic Frankenstein, boasts a carrier-sized chorus and four-note lick that’s simple, addictive garage candy."


"The crunchy guitars bring to mind Spacemen 3, the tremolo keyboards and drum machines show reflections of Suicide, and the production style of cavernous vocals masked by sheets of white noise comes straight out of the Jesus and Mary Chain handbook. While many other bands out there have attempted to rehash the scummy sounds of yesteryear, rarely does anyone take it to another level so successfully."

Fat Possum:

"Poppy vocal melodies are crushed with harsh electronic drums or lifted and left floating in spaced-out noise and echo. loud, wiry guitars jab wildly like mutant synapses skirting along a tightrope drone.This is the dark side of the California sun."


"This sucks."


theneedledrop said...

Fair 'nuff. You got me checking this ou t.

Anonymous said...

lol at pitchfork..i like this band though