Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Circulatory System

Elephant Six fans rejoice, a new Circulatory System album drops soon. Signal Morning is set to arrive via Cloud Recordings on September 8, 2009. Here is what people said about their self-titled debut, a few words from the press release, and Signal Morning track "The Spinning Continuous" with our old pal Jeff Mangum on drums.
Seven and a half years in the making, culled from hours of recorded material sculpted in at least seven different studios, the new Circulatory System album is an absolutely stellar document of song and sound. Still concerned with matters of the inner/the outer, the incomprehensibly huge and the very, very small, Signal Morning is an imperative blast of kinetic motion. Featuring all the members of The Olivia Tremor Control, as well as Jeff Mangum and Julian Koster of Neutral Milk Hotel, Signal Morning has been eagerly anticipated since the release of the first Circulatory System record earlier this decade.