Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ratatat at Lee's Palace

This is the best live recording of Ratatat you will find. It's from a show they did back in 2004 at Lee's Palace in Toronto. I've got your easy download link for the whole set right here. Enjoy.
Ratatat - Live at Lee's Palace:
  1. Ratatat - "Noose"
  2. Ratatat - "El Pico"
  3. Ratatat - "Desert Eagle"
  4. Ratatat - "Crips"
  5. Ratatat - "Germany to Germany"
  6. Ratatat - "Breaking Away"
  7. Ratatat - "Kennedy"
  8. Ratatat - "Seventeen Years"
  9. Ratatat - "Cherry"


EMME (Enriquez) said...

Thank you.

werenotbroken said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!!

Mr. Curiosity said...

You are welcome!

arob said...

I've had this recording for a couple years now, I especially like the early version of Kennedy.

I'd argue this more recent live recording of Ratatat is better though,

Kyle Cachora said...

This band is so sick! Thanks a lot!