Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sonic Youth - The Eternal

I finally got around to checking out this new Sonic Youth album, and discovered that it rocks pretty hard. Instead of writing and rehearsing a bunch of songs in one time period, the band composed two to three tracks every other week and after a solid month they had a dozen killers. Here's an excerpt from their bio on the Austin City Limits Festival:
Half of Sonic Youth’s name doesn’t really apply anymore, as three of its four members are in their 50s. This year’s The Eternal is the band’s first independent release in 20 years, but all that really matters is that it’s a new Sonic Youth album — meaning it’s smart and punky, arty and strange. And if that all sounds brainy, the band remains a slayer on stage.
Sonic Youth will play the 7pm slot on Sunday at ACL Fest, opposite Girl Talk and Dan Auerbach. Decisions, decisions. Go to aclfestival.com to check out the full schedule. Here are two songs from The Eternal, with descriptions written by the band.
"Melodious ode to fleeting fantasy and unresolved desire with the sound of two analogue radios communicating the emotional action."
"First song written for the album, with a nod to The Wipers of Portland, Oregon. A confrontation with the devil in his guise of temptation and staking a distinct place amongst the black legions."