Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Place To Explode Heads

I was sitting next to some dude in a coffee shop yesterday. This dude had his headphones on, turned all the way up, and I couldn't help but be subjected to the low (yet terribly annoying) blasts of disco music coming out of the speakers. After about twenty minutes of this nonsense I strapped on my own headphones and cranked the new A Place To Bury Strangers album as loud as it would go. It was goodbye disco, hello ear-shattering delight.

"Exploding Head" is the band's sophomore album, and is by far the best collection of sounds this NYC trio has unleashed. I like the term "sonic shoegaze" to describe their music. It sounds reminiscent of the shoegaze that came out of the '80s, but guitarist Oliver Ackermann's custom guitar pedals make it a lot more kick ass.

"In Your Heart" is the album's first single, but any of these tracks would have been sufficient. Produced by engineer Andy Smith (Paul Simon, David Bowie), "Exploding Head" drops via Mute on October 6. A Place To Bury Strangers are in Austin on 10/11 at the Mohawk.


steinisland said...

its nice to hear some good 80s revival. the single is wicked, thanks for posting!