Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Pollination is the moniker of Nick Noeding, Jr., an electronic musician from Albuquerque. Exponential Records just released his debut EP Inca Orange, which has been called "an experiment in psych, noise, field recordings, and good old fashioned hard electronic beats." Inca Orange track "Sinister Skies" got the remix treatment from Zoomzip, and is currently the highest ranked download on XLR8R.
From Antipop:
"Over the years, the Pollination sound has evolved from simple tape looping experiments into a noisy, lush combination of distorted analog synths, frantic drum machine programming, field recordings, blown out guitar walls, and buried found sounds. Often shimmering, sometimes gloomy, delayed guitars give way to giant, wobbly drums in a combination that seems to sometimes walk a fine line between genres."