Thursday, September 24, 2009

Covert Concert Picks

Before all of the ACL madness starts next week, here are a few events on the schedule that have my attention:
  • The first is Rob Dickinson at Mixx. A lot of folks (like Do512, Nites, Adi, Eavesdropper etc) appear to be excited that the old Catherine Wheel frontman is back in town on Friday.
  • Another band we've talked about a lot lately, Monotonix are also in town on Friday at Mohawk. Woven Bones and Crocodiles are at Emo's on Saturday. More on them here and here.
Monotonix - "Set Me Free"
  • Learning Secrets brings the superb DJ Annie Mac from BBC Radio One to Barcelona for some dancing on Saturday night.


Aaron Robert Hall said...

I scored some free tix from do512 so I will be heading over to the Mixx for the early show then I am planing on making my way over to catch Monotonix. I figured I will need some raunchy garage thrash rock to even out the mellow show over at the Mixx. Watch out! Israeli butt bombs coming your way.

Mr. Curiosity said...

Sounds like a plan.