Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jack of Heart

Jack Of Heart is a new psychedelic garage rock band from France. Their debut album was released on Born Bad Records, and you can download it via eMusic too. Their jangly phych sounded familiar from the second I turned it on, and I soon found out why. Piero Ilov is in the band, who is also is Demon's Claws, who have released a few killer garage albums. Jack of Heart has a similar sound, but mixed with a bit more of 1965. Recommended if you like Black Lips, King Khan, Demon's Claws etc.


Anonymous said...

i like :) thx 4 the post

Mr. Curiosity said...

thx 4 the feedback :)

theneedledrop said...

Hell yeah! The fuzzy vocals on this track pretty much rule!