Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review: KiD CuDi

Not knowing what to expect from KiD CuDi, I approached his new album Man on the Moon - The End of Day without hoping for much. After listening to it, one thing is for sure; Man on the Moon is a perfect title. This album definitely sounds like it is being transmitted from outer space, ranging from melancholy tunes that give off a zero-gravity vibe to eerily dark tracks as well as some lighthearted fare. CuDi establishes himself as anything but your stereotypical ringtone rapper or club clone with an intensely personal debut that accomplishes the increasingly rare feat of being an actual album instead of a collection of single tracks.

Man on the Moon takes you on a strange journey through CuDi's consciousness, with spaced out beats and lyrics that are either chock-full of pain and angst or simply the musings of an introspective stoner. CuDi goes autobiographical early on the emotional 'Soundtrack 2 My Life,' gets lovey dovey with the help of psychedelic mushrooms on 'Enter Galactic,' and gives what feels like an obligatory salute to oral sex on 'Make Her Say,' a remix of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' that couldn't sound less like the original.

Another unexpected and unprecedented move by CuDi was soliciting two tracks for the album from Ratatat, who are no strangers to remixing rap tunes but have never provided original beats for other artists. One of the Ratatat tracks even features MGMT singing background vocals, a collaboration that will undoubtedly wet many hipster panties. And he caps it all with an oddly upbeat and almost bubbly finish in 'Up Up & Away' that leaves an optimistic, weed-flavored taste in your mouth.

The end result is an extremely listenable album that establishes KiD CuDi as a complex dude with plenty of talent and style that defies classification and transcends genres in a way that leaves you wanting more.


Ian Morales said...

I'm not as big on Kid Cudi as I once was. "Day and Night" was hot when it came out and set the bar really high for him. While he is a great song writer, his songs lack something. Maybe it's too emo, I don't know.