Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tarot Sport

We heard the first single from the new Fuck Buttons album in August, and I have been listening to the rest of the album in bits and pieces since last week. I feel like my endorphins get out of whack if I listen to this thing from start to finish. What's for sure is that Tarot Sport is a different animal than Street Horrrsing was, but will likely be just as polarizing. The sounds may be somewhat less abrasive than before, but these guys are still unafraid to create head-shattering noise.

After the opening single comes "Rough Steez," a trippy mid-tempo thing that mixes tribal and industrial beats. The next tracks to really impress are "Olympians" and "Flight Of The Feathered Serpent," two absolutely epic songs that both surpass the nine-minute mark. The latter dips into some crazy jungle percussion before coming to a metallic climax. Before those two is "The Lisbon Maru" which sounds like a re-imagined cut from the first album, in a good way.

The Andrew Weatherall-produced Tarot Sport will be released on October 20 via ATP Recordings. Fuck Buttons will perform in Austin at Fun Fun Fun Fest on Sunday, November 8.


steinisland said...

Im a massive fan of Street Horrrsing with all its trance inducing tribal noise so I was pretty interested to see how round two would go. On first spin its obvious they know their stuff and do it well. For all that is good in it, its seems to sleep into the dance fad of the times though. Not sure how it will last on me, I like it, but I dont know if it has the edge Street Horrrsing brought to the table. Different beast it seems.