Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Video: St. Vincent

Check out this new St. Vincent video for "Marrow," which comes from her latest album Actor. Delusions of Adequacy says the album "has redefined the definition of pop music."


Aaron Robert Hall said...

First time I heard/saw this song being preformed, it was on Letterman. I was really pumped to see what song she was going to play and was surprised when she pulled out Marrow. I like the song and think it is extremely obscure so I was surprised that she pulled that one out for the late show. I could only imagine some of the faces in the crowd about midway into the song.

The new video remains as obscure as the song itself and a little lack luster with the stop videography. All the close-up shots of Annie doing what she does best, being absolutely adorable, was a saving grace for me. Overall I feel it was a pretty good video but not her best.