Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Bassnectar is the musical handle of San Francisco-based DJ/producer Lorin Ashton. I first became familiar with him during SXSW this year when I caught him opening up for Jane's Addiction, and when ACL Fest rolled around I made sure that Bassnectar was on my schedule. I dragged some friends over to the ACL set to soak up his "smorgasboard of pummeling dubstep beats and tough-as-nails breaks" along with me, and we were all dancing in no time.

I then spent the second half of October listening to the new Bassnectar album Cozza Frenzy, his seventh release. After three years of nonstop touring Ashton had amassed an indecent amount of material, so he chose 15 distinct pieces that were all well-rounded for this CD. The album is full of heart-pounding bass and synthesized riffs, coupled with all sorts of experimental sounds and touches of hip-hop. It is party music through and through.


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Saw this guy at ACL. It was alright... kind of disappointed to see a guy with just a Macbook in front of him. I want the whole DJ set up!!! Still great dance music though.