Monday, November 02, 2009

Le Loup

In the beginning, Le Loup was simply the bedroom project of Sam Simkoff. The debut Le Loup album arrived in 2007 and consisted of Simkoff handling all of the instrumental duties himself, blending keyboard loops with banjo, folk harmonies, percussion, and computerized effects. The album was released via Hardly Art, the new label started by Sub Pop founder Jonathan Poneman, and received positive reviews like this one from Pitchfork.

Le Loup has since evolved into a seven-piece band, with each member contributing vocals and songwriting credits. The second album, Family, finds the middle ground between tribal rock, freak folk, and sonic experimentation. Everybody in the live band sings, and all instruments work together to create a sound that is heavily laden with intricate patterns and swells, edging towards dramatic, sweeping movements. The group has drawn comparisons to the likes of Animal Collective and Yeasayer.
Le Loup will be performing in Austin tonight at the Mohawk, after playing a 5pm in-store at Waterloo Records. Opening the show at Mohawk will be Zorch, a local drums and keys duo who make experimental rock using Wurlitzer, Moog, Omnichord, frenetic drumming and some loud amps. They are influenced by the likes of Lightning Bolt, Death From Above 1979, Battles, and HEALTH. Here's two of their demo tracks: