Monday, January 18, 2010

Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron is a spoken word artist who has been called the "Godfather of Rap" and the "Black Bob Dylan". On February 9th, he will release a new album titled "I’m New Here" on the independent label XL Recordings. Produced by XL label owner Richard Russell, this is Scott-Heron’s first album in thirteen years.

"I’m New Here" sees Scott-Heron reflecting on his life with his trademark vocal power and insight, sharing his visions among Russell’s flickering, electronic soundscapes. Check out this video and article to learn more, and click here to preorder.


Anonymous said...

This guy is unbelievable, but perhaps being from Chicago I'm biased. Word is he'll be @ Coachella 2010!

modplexi said...

can't wait can't wait. he's pure inspiration.