Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pantha Du Prince

Beggars just hooked me up with Black Noise, the latest album from German minimal techno artist Pantha du Prince. Featuring collaborations from Noah Lennox (Panda Bear, Animal Collective) and Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem, !!!), the album will be released on February 8th on Rough Trade Records. The album's constant, minimally pulsating beats invite repeated listening, even if for nothing more than stimulating background noise. Fans of The Field and Begone Dull Care-era Junior Boys should definitely take this one for a spin. I got your preorder info right here:
"The music on Black Noise balances precariously on the slippery threshold between art and nature, between techno and folklore. Nature and technology become indistinguishable, all authenticity evaporates. On this album, rifts, fractures, and digressions are not flaws in the system but acoustic micro-vectors that drive the narrative. The intros serve to present the source sounds recorded “out there”—knocking, barking, ringing, tinkling which are then soon caught in the currents of vaguely psychedelic mutations. Noises blend into one another, and the most diverse acoustic designs are in play: steel drums and marimbas as well as physical modeling."