Saturday, March 27, 2010

Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle is sexually split six-piece (3 Gals, 3 Guys) from Brooklyn. Hardly Art recently released the band's debut LP, Double Jointer, produced by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Blonde Redhead). Their music is loud, spooky, and the album closing "Arson Wells" is one of the finer examples of Golden Triangle's fiery, carnival garage rock.
Golden Triangle are buddies with Black Lips, King Khan and Quintron, and the departed Jay Reatard's former girlfriend and bandmate is the act’s bassist. Their live shows are notoriously wild, and they provided one of my favorite sets of SXSW 2010. For more info, Brooklyn Vegan has pictures, Spinner has an interview, and NY Press has some inspired words. Video for "Neon Noose" is below, which also comes from Double Jointer.


michael said...

Thanks for sharing! Heard these guys/gal on a local station here and decided to look 'em up. I'll have to buy the album.