Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sound Advice Vol. IV

Austin Sound recently delivered their yearly Austin music compilation. Sound Advice Vol. IV features songs from 19 bands they think you need to know in Austin right now, and will be hearing more from in the future. Each song is available for individual download, or you can simply download the whole compilation at once. They've got tunes from A Giant Dog, Followed By Static, Woven Bones, TV Torso, Ola Podrida, and many more.

Being the super knowledgeable resource on Austin music that they are, there is also a brief description for each artist as well as links to find out more. They also touch on some of the bigger news that has happened in the music scene of late, from the sound ordinance to the Casual Victim Pile and the closing of the Cactus Cafe. Check it all out at
From Sound Advice Vol. IV: