Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is a duo comprised of multi-instrumentalist Eric Schoen, who previously fronted Electric Pants in Milwaukee, and Lauren Mikus, who previously sang for the NY band The Midnight Hours, whose other members went on to form Vampire Weekend. The two are now based in Austin, and recently released the debut album from Dirty Dancing: "Mediocrity Is The Strongest Inevitability." Clocking in at nearly an hour long, the album is self-produced, self-released, and self-packaged, featuring a versatile collection of songs that each has its own personality.

The Dirty Dancing sound is at times all of the above: lo-fi, noisy, angular and anthemic, with touches of dark wave, a post-punk edge, a reverbed atmosphere, and handclaps galore. Depending on the track, (and there are plenty of good ones), you can hear influences as varied as The Kills, Joy Division, Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The Gun Club, Talking Heads, and even a little T. Rex. Here's a snippet from the band's highly informative interview with Blurt:
"The music on Mediocrity is certainly eye- and ear-opening, demonstrating an impressive versatility while maintaining the requisite shake-those-hips factor. Among the standout tracks, there's the brittle, hypnotic "The Merger," powered by serrated riffs and finger-snap percussion; with its chanted/shouted vocals, it suggests a glam-slam meeting of Love & Rockets and Gary Glitter. The drum machine kick and low, dark melody of "Atlantis" brings the above-mentioned Joy Division vibe to the fore (Interpol fans won't be disappointed either). And "Here and There" is like a minimalist, space-age take on vintage chain-gang blues, right down to the handclaps and shuffling rhythm."
From Mediocrity Is The Strongest Inevitability:
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