Thursday, May 27, 2010

Candi and the Strangers

I just caught wind of this new music video for Candi & The Strangers, directed by a talented local artist who goes by the name Fishlegs. It's pretty much the coolest music video I've seen this year. Or any year. The projection is digitally created but captured in-camera, and the cinematography was done by the insanely multi-talented Dustin Scott and his magical 7D.

Candi and the Strangers officially formed in January 2009 after their producer, Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Voxtrot, The Octopus Project), decided to step out from behind the mixing board and join the band. Their psych-dream pop sound combines lush arrangements, driving beats, layers of vibraphone, organ, omnichord and guitar mixed with honeyed female vocals.

The band has been compared to the likes of Broadcast, Blonde Redhead, The Velvet Underground, Ladytron and Portishead, just to name a few. The song featured in the video is from their self-titled debut album. Here's a few words from the Austin Sound review:
"There’s something intentionally seductive layered into Candy and the Strangers LP - a permeation of sex into dark, driving, indie-rock, which makes for good listening by principle (think of the successes of international act the XX, or the awkwardly erotic phonetics of Nico with the Velvet Underground.) A little tension is good, and Candi and the Strangers seem to revel in the fusing of dark, bedroom-style synth-pop with breathy, subdued, near-hypnotic female vocals."


Janice said...

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