Monday, May 10, 2010

Do512 and Covert Curiosity present: Autobus Records

Autobus Records is an artist-owned record label that has worked with and released albums by some of Austin's best indie bands, including Sunset, Brazos, Mark David Ashworth, Weird Weeds, and more. Autobus is a DIY operation that began in 2007, started by a group of friends that grew out of the Tonewheel Collective, a bi-weekly acoustic show that was documented by the Austinist and the Austin Chronicle.

Do512 and Covert Curiosity are happy to give them the spotlight with a show at Stubb's indoor featuring Autobus artists Brazos, Mark David Ashworth
, the Weird Weeds, and Sleep Good. Sunset will unfortunately (for us) be on tour and unable to join the party. Tickets are on sale now at Front Gate Tickets.

Doors are at 9:30, and the first 50 people to show up with RSVP will get in the door for $5. We will also have free Lone Star courtesy of Birds Barbershop, so come out early to get your drink on!


“Their sound is all at once jazzy and melodic, moody and bright. They are Radiohead’s younger siblings half the time and the other half roll along lazily, like the central Texas River from which they derive their name…perfect cohesion of time and melody. The ability of solid and capable song craftsmanship is readily apparent. ” - Tripwire

“Martin Crane, the leader and songwriter of the band, does big and bombastic on a smaller scale. He takes the massive span of what a group such as U2 or My Morning Jacket builds into their everyday, musical actions and boils it down into something that he and his talented mates know how to play with. They aren’t in need of a surefire arena rocker nor a super ballad that Crane can belt and all the rest can dress up into a Coldplay sort of wall of towering sound, or more so, toweringly ubiquitous lyrics that are meant to be “worldly” in that they are for the everyman and everywoman, hinting at so many universal points.” - Daytrotter


"They say Mark David Ashworth left Austin a while ago for San Francisco, but we know that he really ended up tweaked out on some mysterious island. Luckily Ashworth occasionally flashes back to Austin and still keeps his foot in the local scene with his connection to Autobus Records. We do wish he’d come back, though, especially after getting a taste of his sophomore album, Bright is the Ring of Words, which Autobus will release on February 23. Like his debut, Viceroy, the new album sounds gorgeously intimate, but bolstered by much grander arrangements." - Austin Sound

"Viceroy comes across as a warped travelogue that envelopes the listener with its eccentricities. That Ashworth performs the multi-instrumental arrangements almost entirely by himself makes it even more remarkable. Borrowing a bit from the city folk of Beck and with a voice that occasionally recalls Ron Sexsmith's melancholy, Ashworth mixes staggered beats with visions of the places he's been, ever searching and imploring for answers that aren't there yet." - Austin Chronicle


"The Weird Weeds are a gorgeously combustive band from Austin. The trio moves back and forth between discordant feedback and gentle balladry, finding ways to stitch disparate movements into edgy, heartfelt experimental pop. They have “weird” in their name, but the songs are catchy, not off-putting." - Stereogum

"Over the last four years, Weird Weeds have slowly become the city’s best experimental rock band. When I say “experimental,” I mean it: their songs tend to be terse, through-composed, and loaded with inexplicable sounds generated from prepared instruments. On first listen, the band’s music can be confusing.After multiple listens, though, what initially sounds aleatory ends up betraying immense craft, and songs that at first feel ephemeral soon become indelible." - Pop Matters


"Will Patterson (formerly of Sound Team) is the musician behind Sleep Good's willowy indie-pop. With influences as varied as Jeff Tweedy, The Beatles, and yes, even Jimmy Buffett, he smoothly blends poppy sing-alongs with thought-provoking lyrics that belie his youth. Like fellow Texas musician Ben Kweller, Patterson got his start in other bands (Ari Fouk), and Sleep Good gives the multi-instrumentalist a chance to hone his craft -- he plays the mandolin, xylophone, guitar, keyboard and drums." - Splendid Magazine


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