Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fresh Millions

Fresh Millions is a live electronic band from right here in the ATX. After much time spent at the drawing board, the funk-infused dance rock trio released their self-titled debut album earlier this year via Insect Records. Using an animated mix of computers, synthesizers, and live instruments, Fresh Millions blends disco-era bass lines and electro-era pop with heavy, danceable beats. The band made the excellent choice of luring in Bryan Richie of The Sword to handle production on their album, making it the metal head's first foray into electronic music.

Their sound (and highly entertaining live show) has drawn comparisons to the likes of Passion Pit and Ratatat, and they are certainly making a name for themselves in the 512. The Austin Chronicle said "Imagine if you cut out all of MGMT's psychedelic tangents and Ratatat reassembled them. That's a decent starting point for Fresh Millions. The local daft punks craft collage-rock, layering live instrumentals over snippets from old jazz records."

You can catch Fresh Millions live at a couple of local shows coming up with fellow friends of the blog - All My Friends and Auto Body. They played recent Electric Aquatic Club voyage about a week ago, and talented young videographer Emmett Perkinson (aka Video Bacon) made this mash-up of their performance and the best scenes from Apocalypse Now.

They also just sent over a seemingly Timberlake-influenced sex jam they did with Shmu, aka the drummer of Zorch. You'll probably want to play this one for your girlfriend(s).