Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Maniac Meat

Tobacco is the mad scientist/frontman of Black Moth Super Rainbow, and Maniac Meat is his sophomore solo effort. Is has been said many times before, but this guy really is like a one-man genre. Nobody sounds like him, and he doesn't sound like anyone else. His tools of the trade are vintage analog synthesizers, vocoder-ized vocals, melted basslines, barrels of distortion, psychedelic fuzz, 8-bit videogame sounds, and danceable drum machine beats.

Maniac Meat is 16 tracks long, and is a noticeable step forward from Tobacco's solo debut. The beats and rhythyms on this record sound like they come from another world. It even features a cameo from none other than Beck, who lays down vocals on two different tracks. I think if you put hip-hop verses over some of this stuff it would be the grimiest thing ever heard. Having said that, I hear rumor that Tobacco's next release is an all hip-hop affair that will feature many an indie-rap guest-star.
From Anticon:
"Seemingly relegating Black Moth Super Rainbow to “side project” status, that band’s mastermind TOBACCO returns with a record designed to bully his previous works into a corner, gut them, and leave ’em for dead. Though Maniac Meat is steeped in the Pennsylvania-based artist’s swampy analog aesthetic, this is not an album about looking back – neither to the black psychedelic pop of BMSR, nor to the warped rap thump of TOBACCO’s 2006 debut, Fucked Up Friends.

Rather, this album emerged as antithesis. TOBACCO crafted Maniac Meat as he put the finishing touches on BMSR’s more accessible last record, Eating Us, treating the solo release as a depository for his more primal urges. The only live instrumentation to cross over was the guttural stuff: thrashing bass and clanging drums. But even as the TOBACCO material grew darker, deeper and nastier in tone, it also became something with real swag. Not a hip-hop record, per se – just something that parties like one."


ooowvinyl said...

I couldn't really get into BMSR, but Maniac Meat is pure insanity, in a good way. Great album.

wesley said...

dude i just stumbled upon your blog again after all these years. and for all these years i've been playing
-no dancing on the bus-. epic mixtape. shit. creepy phone calls is a banger.