Monday, June 21, 2010

New Indian Jewelry

TOTALED is their latest record from Houston psych/drone/noise rock band Indian Jewelry. I first saw this band some years ago when Emo's was still doing shows in the "lounge", and I really didn't "get it." My second introduction was earlier this year at Austin Psych Fest, and the second time around I couldn't get enough. Their current sound is fierce in a live setting, with pulsating drones that hit you right in the chest, and a dark, sinister vibe full of throbbing feedback and burning amps. TOTALED is out now on We Are Free.
"Erika Thrasher and Tex Kerschen wrote and recorded the record in 2009 in Houston and Los Angeles. In it is the swamp electro of 2003's We Are The Wild Beast, the nightmare throb of 2005's Invasive Exotics, and the sonic angel dream of 2008's Free Gold. It's like arriving to the beach, headspun and weightless after a sleepless night, only to remember that a hurricane has come and wiped almost everything away. Hard grass crawls back over the improvised dunes, a few men fish in the surf, and Tejano music plays from the speakers of a parked pick-up."
Indian Jewelry are back in Austin this Saturday at Red 7, opening for HEALTH. It will be one hellacious show. You can pick up tickets in advance via