Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video: Harlem

"Someday soon you'll be on fire, and you'll ask me for a glass of water. I'll say no. You can just let that shit burn, and you'll say please please please put me out. I promise not to do it again, whatever I did to you."
This is the third video from Hippies, the second full length album from Harlem. The songwriting and vocal duties are evenly shared by Michael Coomer and Curtis O'Mara, who switch between guitar/vox and drums alongside newly-added bassist Jose Boyer. Harlem will be opening a bunch of shows for The Dead Weather starting next month, along with a stop at the Village Voice Siren Music Festival.

The video for "Sometime Soon" was directed by Aaron Brown & Ben Chappell of Focus Creeps, adding to their already impressive repertoire.