Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Books - The Way Out

The Books was formed in New York City in 1999 by two neighbors who collaborated on what they considered pop music. In fact, Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong - perhaps by a mix of accident and design - developed a sound that over a decade later still defies categorization and mystifies critics and fans alike. Their music has been called many things: surreal, playful, transcendent, innovative, magical, heartbreaking.

I've been calling The Books' music a sound rainbow, as that is about as close as I can come to describing it. The Way Out is their fourth album, set for release via Temporary Residence Limited on July 20. Five years in the making, the album is genuinely innovative, built upon samples culled from old self-help recordings and hypnotherapy cassettes.
"Over the course of three albums in nearly a decade's time, the Books have grown to become one of modern music's most genuine innovators. Creatively complex and truly unclassifiable, The Way Out continues the Books' tradition of meticulous, existential songcraft, infusing the playfully surreal elements of previous albums with a humorous, childlike excitement. Produced and recorded as always in the Books' home studios, The Way Out expands on the charm and intimacy of past endeavors with a deeper emotional resonance and an ever-impressive marriage of seemingly disparate sound worlds. With The Way Out, the Books have mastered the precarious balance of beauty, absurdity and accessibility." -TRL