Friday, July 09, 2010

Broken Water - Whet

Whet is the debut LP by Olympia, Washington 3-piece Broken Water. Two of the pieces are Kanako Wynkoop and Jon Hanna of Sisters (who played our Eastside Get Down party at SXSW this year), and the other piece is Abigail Ingram of the band Congratulations. All three members contribute vocals, adding depth to their distorted, grunge-influenced rock & roll.

It certainly sounds like they grew up listening to bands like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine and the Pixies. Their music almost sounds like it was plucked straight from the early 90s, enough to make you long for the days of flannel shirts. Whet is out now on Raccoo-oo-oon's label Night People.
"Dense walls of slow swirling distortion breath out into moments of cold syrupy magma and reverb drenched beauty. Droning post punk bass grooves build foundations for constantly evolving guitar riffing and somber vocal passages, a subtle psychedelic sound as heavy as it is lite, as dark as it is colorful, and as deep as it is wide. Broken Water's dreamy take on hazy pastoral sonic exploration is as unique as it is nostalgic and provides endless amounts of killer listening." -Night People
"Whet is an unapologetic blast from grunge's past. The album spills over with the distorted crunch once recognized as the Northwest's calling card. Yet nothing created by Broken Water seems disingenuous, rather Whet is perhaps the most authentic artifact of an era gone by from a new generation that couldn't give a damn about what once stood where grunge's tombstone now casts its shadow. The touchstones of Broken Water are immediate and the wave of nostalgia that initially greets the ears is soon surrendered with the band's own spin on the blue collar music of the '80s and early '90s." -Brainwashed