Thursday, July 01, 2010

How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well makes hazy, lo-fi R&B that sounds like it was produced through blown speakers. The man behind the music is Tom Krell, who apparently spends half of his time translating a book of “post-Kantian philosophy” in Cologne, Germany. The other half is spent making tunes as How to Dress Well, which he started posting to his blog late last year. At this point he’s got dozens of songs available for download, organized in a series of EPs.

His first official release is the "Ready for the World" 7", which will arrive July 20 via Lefse. I'm told his debut full length album will be finished in a few weeks. You can read a very interesting interview with Tim Krell over at P4K. I knew I was officially a fan when he said "Twisted by Keith Sweat is a fucking masterpiece." To explore further, check out his blog, soundcloud and myspace.
Use headphones.