Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Milieu - Colortone

Milieu is Brian Grainger, an electronic producer from Columbia, South Carolina. He is also co-owner/operator of Second Sun Recordings and Install. Since 2001 he has been creating ambient downtempo/IDM with subtle psychedelic overtones, described as a cross between Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada.

Milieu also sounds, at times, something like a bare-bones Octopus Project or a Caribou with smooth horns. Looking at a discography this guy appears to have released about 1.5 million albums, but the one that caught my attention is titled Colortone, released in 2008. The album is simply filled with ten tracks of warm, cascading electronic sounds that are perfect for late night listening.
Video for "Pillow Whiter" by Michael James Whelan - shot entirely on Super 8 in the Irish countryside:


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