Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Rumble Austin

Tonight! Future Sounds, The Onion AV Club, The Austinist, Waterloo Records and Covert Curiosity present The Rumble Austin at Beerland.

The lineup for this month's installment consists of emerging local talents International Waters (feat. former Voxtrot member Mitch Calvert) and danceable indie rock rounders The Frontier Brothers. The previously loved Candi & The Strangers will kick the night off with their lush psych-dream pop. The visual aspect of their live performance is really something to see.

You know what is even cooler? This local music buffet is absolutely FREE. Which of course leaves you with some extra cap space to enjoy a cold beverage or two. Be sure to click over to Future Sounds to read more on what we have in store.

Beerland. Tonight. Doors at 9, music at 10. Here's a primer:


Sir Indie said...

Kinda pissed I missed this...even more so by 24 hours!

Would have loved to put up a post or two on the events of the night..(sigh) time.