Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White Fence

Tim Presley is the lead singer/guitarist of the garage-soul band Darker My Love. He's also a member of The Strange Boys, and apparently a very talented solo artist. Presley's solo musical efforts fall under the name White Fence, and earlier this year he released a highly praised album via Make a Mess/Woodsist.

The self-titled White Fence album is full of distorted, fairly minimal bedroom psych that also happens to show quite a few moments of brilliance. Among the many sixties influences that bleed from this record, it reminds me most of the first time I ever heard Piper at the Gates of Dawn. There's definitely some Syd Barrett in Presley's record collection. Be sure to check out some of his artwork at
"All those fakers, from Nikki Sudden to the Miracle Workers to the Warlocks, have tried and failed to really capture the psychedelic promise of the late-early-mid sixties. And suddenly, now, in 2010 no less, our man Tim Presley just NAILS it, sliding psychedelic chalk down the Syd Barrett blackboard with such identifiably original lo-fi disjangled fogginess and Ostrich Guitar. Nothing has sounded like this since bands had names like the “Laughing Soap Dish.” - L.A. Record
White Fence - "Who Feels Right?
White Fence - "The Love Between"


OutlawBlues said...

This is good stuff...its like Velvet Underground hung out with Deerhunter, which would be a great party.