Monday, August 02, 2010

FM Campers

The first time I saw FM Campers was pretty random. I had intended to two catch some DJ battle in East Austin but the girl at the door wouldn't let me in because I had misplaced my ID. So my friends and I just moseyed over to Red River, ending up at the Mohawk because I had remembered that my friends Zorch were playing that night. At some point FM Campers went on the stage, and about halfway into their set they really grabbed my attention. The trio's live set up is filled with a number of electronic goodies - drum machines, samplers, pedals, synths and laptops - complimenting huge guitar sounds and a hard hitting drummer.

I liked what I heard that night, and the band hooked me up with a demo that I have been spinning off and on quite a bit. Those songs have since been re-recorded at Superpop Records in Austin, and mastered at panicStudios in Seattle. They call it the Bear in a Box EP, and you can download the whole enchilada for free at The Campers have been taking a break from their hectic live show schedule to write some new stuff, and are working on a full-length as we speak

FM Campers have a big sound, recommended if you're into the likes of Yeasayer and Animal Collective. Special thanks to the skeptical door girl for leading me in their direction.