Thursday, August 12, 2010

HARD Summer Tour at Stubb's

The HARD summer tour rolled through Austin at Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater last night, part of a 12-date tour featuring Crystal Castles, Rusko, Sinden, and Destructo. I showed up about halfway through Rusko's set, and I must say he's one of the best dubstep-inspired DJs I've ever witnessed. The Londoner had the crowd in a frenzy for at least an hour, blasting out all sorts of wompy, wobbly bass and some top notch remixes I'd never heard before. I've been jamming his stuff on the Hype Machine all day.

Crystal Castles tore it up. Vocalist Alice Glass was all over the place, crawling around the stage, mounting the drum kit, and jumping out on top of the capacity crowd, all while shouting her way through a lot of new material from their latest album called Crystal Castles. Producer Ethan Kath was mostly stoic on the side of the stage, keeping the beats and bleeps steady and hard while a siezure-inducing light show flashed all around. Drummer Christopher Chartrand pounded his way through the entire set, adding even more power to the band's live show. Everyone in attendance ended up drenched in sweat, with Glass & Co. having sufficient energy to come back out for a two song encore.

Special thanks to Zachary Symm for providing these photos
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