Monday, August 16, 2010

Pet Ghost Project

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Justin Stivers started the Pet Ghost Project musings as a basement recording experiment around 2003. Despite comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel, Animal Collective, Pavement and Tortoise (to name a few), the band has successfully carved out an endearing niche in a dark corner of the musical world that is entirely theirs.

A former member of The Antlers (bassist on Hospice), Stivers has recorded and produced 6 albums to date. Recently acquiring the help of fellow multi-instrumentalists Jacob More, Justin Gonzales and Chris Patin (member of Austin's The Calm Blue Sea), the band is set to release an EP next month in advance of Pet Ghost Project’s newest LP Shelf Life (set for release in 2011).

Re-arranging one song from each album they’ve done in just 3 short hours at Serious Business Records in New York City, the Winter Variations EP is Pet Ghost Project stripped of all pretension and excess. This latest version of Pet Ghost Project combines all sorts of elements - from indie to post-rock, prog and even a little dance - making for a highly accessible, predominantly instrumental sound. Their frenzied jam "Cloud Seeds" was too good not to share.


Elbow Coulee said...

What an amazing song. Some great music that kept me completely captivated the whole time. Love this band and always will.