Friday, August 06, 2010

Recap: Here We Go Magic at Emo's

Two hot, steamy, smoke-filled nights ago, Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic took to the stage at Emo’s. The thick heat merged with their fog machine’s output for an appropriately entrancing setting, perfect for their reverb-drenched, bass heavy brand of psychedelic folk. Each of the ensemble's five members provide their own layer of sound, resulting in songs that slowly build into an intricate musical whirlwind. The band performed hits from last year’s self-titled debut album, as well as the recently released Pigeons.

Here We Go Magic kicked off their set with "Fangela," which lured me away from a cozy seat in the back to a spot on the dance floor. I was hypnotized by how each player pursued their instrumental role with focused persistence, like parts of an engine hammering away. True to their style, each song fluctuates from lofty lo-fi to an eventual billowing climax, consistently accented by washed out vocals. "Only Pieces" broke down to a hypnotic five part harmony in rounds. The precision of whispered vocals upon slight chord changes makes for a wonderfully dizzying trance. It was impressively captivating, despite my sleepiness and the relentless heat.

All photos by Ed Lehmann
Click here to see the full set