Monday, August 09, 2010

Video: Clinic

UK art rockers Clinic will release their sixth album, ‘Bubblegum’, this October on Domino Records. Rewiring their trademark hyped up sound, Clinic have replaced their churning riffs and wired vocals with a dreamy state of harpsichords, dulcimers and strings. And that dream state is best visualized by means of the psychedelic puppetry in their new video for "I'm Aware", their first single off of Bubblegum.

The band commissioned visionary artist Pete Fowler (known for his work with Super Furry Animals and his psychedelic Monsterism compilations) to direct the video – a lost cult film showing the transformative powers of The Starlake Cosmic Sun Owl Commune. Bubblegum is available to preorder here.


Manny Morales said...

Kind of a quirky song. I like the visuals and the music. I must be in a weird mood? Thanks again, Manny.