Thursday, August 12, 2010

Video: Solar Bears

Dayyymmm. I stumbled (or maybe tumblr'd) upon this little gem and well, shit. What is not amazing about it? Solar Bears' chilled out electro-groove gets a gritty makeover from Letherette emphasizing funky breakdowns for maximum soul. The Father Long Legs' video skillfully accents the trippy, surf vibe just to visually remind you that your mind is being blown.

I heard of Solar Bears earlier this summer when a track by the Irish duo was featured on Ears of the Beholder's mellow, synth-heavy summer mix Partially Shaded. The band recently released a teaser EP called Inner Sunshine, showcasing four original tracks and two remixes, including this one by Letherette. The DJ duo, Andy Harber and Richards Roberts, are starting to make a buzz with their funked-out instrumental mash-ups in their native UK.

You can find Letherette remixes floating around on the interwebs, but they don't seem to be doing much in terms of a compiled release anytime soon. On the other hand, Solar Bears will drop their full length, She Was Coloured In, on Planet Mu Records next month.


Manny Morales said...

Wow, I like Solar Bears!I like the cool sound and beat. Definitely buying their music. Thanks for another great recommendation. Thanks, Manny.

Chris said...

Letherette nailed it. I would love to hear Nosaj Thing remix some Solar Bears, get that experimental flowishness going. Smooth stuff man!