Friday, August 20, 2010

Video: Thee Oh Sees

If you suffer from epilepsy, look away. This video comes from Thee Oh Sees' album Help, which I recommended early last year. If you're into fuzzed-out garage rock, then these San Francisco natives are for you. I happen to celebrate their entire catalog. Well, most of it any way. Thee Oh Sees go through albums like Tiger Woods goes through random tail.

The band is currently supporting their latest release Warm Slime, and will appear at SummerStage in New York, the Fuck Yeah Fest in LA, Music Fest North West in Portland, Scion Garage Fest, All Tomorrow's Parties, and the Bruise Cruise in the Bahamas with the Black Lips, Ty Segall et al.
"Listening to Help, it's almost impossible to hear anything but mere traces of the chaotic noise rock path John Dwyer followed to make it to Thee Oh Sees, but it's that noisy past, and penchant for musical shit stirring, that informs the jangly garage pop on Help, and transforms the band's jangle and shuffle and pound into near perfect buzzy fuzzy catchy retro pop, and makes it easily the best Oh Sees record yet. And a definite contender for (garage) pop record of the year." - In The Red Records