Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walkmen to release 'Lisbon'

I've been in love with The Walkmen for some time now. I casually stumbled into an enthusiastic day show some SXSW's ago and the swoon-worthy combo of Hamilton Leithauser's commanding vocals set against their hazy blend of piano-heavy instrumentation completely stole my heart. It was like someone slapped the sober into me.

The Walkmen are an ensemble of talented musicians that draw influence from Roy Orbison's waltz-y blues and Bob Dylan's lyrical rambling, but add a unique element of melancholy enchantment. Leithauser belts emotionally charged stories of longing and despair laden with atmospheric details as his voice transitions from a gentle croon to a dramatic scream without a hinge. His stamina alone is impressive.

It's clear Leithauser thrives off the energy of fellow band mates and their collective dynamic. Matt Barrick's percussion and Pete Baeur's keyboards give depth to The Walkmen's signature sound. With Paul Maroon and Walter Martin on guitar and bass, respectively, and the recent addition of a touring horn section, the band can easily access a tremendous range in their songs.

Their forthcoming album, Lisbon, will be the band's sixth studio album. It's set for release September 14 on Fat Possum/Bella Union. Pre-order is here. For visual stimulation, check out the Walkmen on Pitchfork's POV Concert Series.